Advertising with us 

With a readership of 120,000 every fortnight and as the only FREE local newspaper ciruclated in Heathrow airport, we offer an invaluable advertising opportunity for local business and companies specifically wishing to target customers within Heathrow Airport.

Our very competitive rates ensure advertising with us creates a great return-on-investment, with many companies advertising with us in every issue.

Speak to us today on 01784 453196 or email for help or further information.

our advertising rates

Applicable from the 1st Jan 2019 onwards.

We also offer a 10% agency discount and can offer discounted rates for repeat prepaid advertising.

All rates are exclusive of VAT.

Display R.O.P. (Run-of-Paper)

Priced by P.C.C. (single column centimetre):

  • Inside pages (with the exception of Job Search pages) £12 p.c.c.

  • Situations Vacant £14 p.c.c

  • Front page advertising £16 p.c.c

Whole & half page

For both display adverts and run-of-paper (R.O.P) display adverts. PLEASE NOTE: for Situations Vacant (Job Search) rates please see Display R.O.P. and Situations Vacant sections.

  • Full page £2,200

  • Half page £1,400

situations vacant

For placement within the Job Search pages of the Heathrow Villager:

  • Full page £3,400

  • Half page £1,700

  • Quarter page £850

We have been advertising with Heathrow Villager for many years and found the response to be very positive for many of the vacancies we have advertised. Without a doubt, we can recommend the Heathrow Villager for advertising in the Heathrow area.
— Kevin Theobald Recruitment